Remember Thy Roots

Who has been unsuspecting to change?

Escaping the everyday melange,

Transformation being inevitable,

Unstoppable and palpable.

The past grew into the present, 

Readying to foster the future.

Nothing remained the same,

Except thy roots.

From where you originated,

And metamorphosed to.

As bitter, As sweet ,

Thou shalt be known by them!

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The Drive

frequency setting

channel tuning

the chit chat

the cool breeze

zooming roads

accelerated thrills

braked fears

passing landscape

songs on the radio


reminiscing past

creating memories..



On a long summer afternoon a boy laid on his back on a town water tank was thinking about his first love. Tonight was the night when he would find the answer for his love for her. ‘She’ was everything for him.

It was beyond common man’s notion to understand his love for her. She wasn’t beautiful by common standards. Nor was she belonging to an affluent lineage. She was ‘ordinary’. Too ordinary to be loved by someone like ‘him’. Read more



Wisps of rain
Mirror ceilings
Window panes
Views of vain
Rustles of twigs
The clattering of doors
Vintage air
Crisp memories
Precious China
Untouched and safe
Still stands the shamiyana
A witness to lost and forgotten.

Peaks Of Maharashtra : KalsuBai Shikhar

Hey there !!

SO Finally , i got the chance to trek the highest peak in Maharashtra that is 5400 Sft, The Kalsubai Shikar. We visited this peak on october 5th with Nomad Hikers (A trekking Group in Mumbai)

Our meeting point was thane station at 11.30. This was my first trek with team of professional hikers. We were a group of 72 hikers!!! We began our journey at 12.30 am from thane. The roads are beautiful with wonderful scenery which was hidden away in the dawn. Read more